Saturday, April 4, 2009

What is Slope Sitter? - Part 2

Just to be clear-- being a Slope Sitter doesn't mean one shouldn't have convictions.  Far from it.  This blog isn't so much about "sitting on the fence" as it is bravely, calmly, and sensibly examining both sides before coming to a decision.  We as humans are given to extremes-- we like to pick our side and fight tooth and nail to defend it.  I will not deny that some things are non-negotiable.  There are some areas a believer in Jesus Christ cannot compromise on without compromising the true essence of our faith.  What I propose, though, is that too often we take our stances without examining all the evidence, and we die on hills of triviality.  That is not only a waste of precious energy but also can be damaging to our witness as Christians.  So part of finding sensible places to perch on the slope includes deciding what issues are essential and what issues are negotiable.  It also means conceding that those with whom we disagree might be just as faithful, obedient, and devout as we consider ourselves to be.  

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